Investment strategy

Hanwha Impact builds a more sustainable future for human being and the Earth

  • We’re dedicated and tirelessly working to make sustainable society a reality, where humans coexist with nature, and virtual reality meets real world.
  • Hanwha Impact has led the way toward the 4th industrial revolution with future breakthrough technologies in the fields of eco-friendly energy, technology convergence, mobility, and aerospace.
  • Hanwha Impact is incorporating ESG into our investment decisions and our efforts to accelerate innovations in sustainable technologies, M&A’s and strategic alliances.
Existing hydrocarbon-oriented investment target group
Base Chemical
Investing in future technologies
Eco-friendly energy
Technology convergence
Future Technology Business
Eco-friendly energy
  • As the importance of ESG increases globally, the clean energy sector including renewable sector will also to continue to grow commensurately.
  • In the hydrogen energy sector, our top priority and key investments are focused on developing and improving the infrastructure.
  • We’re making investments into both technology and the integrations of this technology to increase business value.
Technology convergence
  • We’re committed to advancing biotechnology and data utilization technology, including genetic engineering, and expansion of the application fields.
  • We see endless possibilities by advancing or developing promising businesses that leverage gene and protein-related biotechnologies to disrupt industries.
  • We’re aggressively investing in companies with next-generation technologies.
  • Developing mobility technology leads to a positive lifestyle changes, and the mobility service can expand into many fields.
  • We’re adding meaningful values like speed and convenience to mobility for our customers.
  • Investing in a leasing business for large transport vehicles like trucks and eco-friendly last-mile vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel.
Investment Portfolio

Producer of Polymer (PE, EVA, PP), Base Chemicals (Monomer), Energy (Fuel oil, Solvents, LPG)


Texas Brownsville LNG Terminal infrastructure Project


A GTL (Gas To Liquid) Project (Using natural gas as a raw material)


Service Provider of Multi-Platform OEM Gas Turbine Power Plants Worldwide, and owner of mixed fuel gas turbine technology


Service Provider of Multi-Platform OEM Gas Turbine Power Plants Worldwide, and owner of mixed fuel gas turbine technology


Developer, producer and retailer of zero-emission commercial transportation solutions


Micro mobility solutions company with operations world-wide

Technology convergence

Eco-friendly seed company with next-generation gene editing technology


CATALOG is building the world’s first DNA-based platform for massive digital data storage and computation.


Tessera Therapeutics is the biotechnology company pioneering a new approach in genetic medicine known as Gene Writing™