Hanwha Impact is building
the infrastructure now to secure
the leap to sustainability in the future.


Hanwha Impact is accelerating change
and driving progress toward a sustainable future with
eco-friendly energy and future technology business.

At Hanwha Impact, sustainability is both an incredible opportunity and responsibility to create a positive impact
on humanity and the Earth with technological innovations.


Rather than being satisfied with the existing framework, we pursue the best through change and innovation.


We value the company, customers,
and colleagues, and do our best to
achieve bigger goals.


We pride ourselves in conducting business
with integrity; it’s at the foundation of
our culture that drives our growth.

Hanwha Impact
Hanwha Impact


Our corporate logo consists of three circles evolving, expanding, and growing symbolically.
They represent infinite growth into the universe undergoing ceaseless transformations and innovations.
The logo also reflects our philosophy of creating a better future for all. It is a harmonious rendering of
the dynamic energy of Hanwha.

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