Investment strategy

Hanwha Impact is building a sustainable tomorrow through investment in innovative technologies.

  • We are investing in future innovations in energy transition, digital data technology, and life sciences.
  • Following our ESG investment management philosophy, we will continue to invest in a sustainable tomorrow for individuals, society, and the planet.
Existing hydrocarbon-oriented
investment target group
Base Chemical
Investing in future technologies.
Energy transition
Life sciences
Digital data technology
Future Technology Business
Energy transition
  • As the focus on ESG increases, growth in the renewable energy sector to replace fossil fuels will continue.
  • In order to strengthen the capabilities of hydrogen energy technology, we are making investments as part of Hanwha Group’s hydrogen value chain.
  • The transition to green energy cannot be achieved in an instant, so in the interim, we are also investing in intermediary energy technologies during the gradual transitional stage.
Life sciences
  • The potential demand for the bio-healthcare industry is increasing due to the convergence of the 4th industrial revolution and the deepening population aging.
  • We are conducting business development activities to discover and invest in biotech ventures in promising technologies.
Digital data technology
  • Digital data technology-based industries that utilize various data such as AI, IoT, and big data are growing rapidly.
  • We are investing in digital technologies and developing an integrated business model.