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Hanwha General Chemical
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Hanwha General Chemical
0140year history, boasting
high competitiveness in
the petrochemical
market with its excellent
PTA manufacturing
technology and
world-class quality.
Now, based on stable
profits we take another
leap forward as an
02innovative investment company by discovering
new growth engines for
the future and
diversifying our business.


ensures social values

through ethical


takes ethics as the first virtue in corporate management
in order to grow into a trusted company.

  • NEWS
    03 2021.08

    Hanwha General Chemical starts an empirical study on mixed hydrogen combustion technology

    Hanwha General Chemical and Korea Western Power Corporation start an empirical study on mixed hydrogen combustion technology. The two companies announced on August 3 that they signed an agreement at the headquarters of Korea Western Power Corporation in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, to commercialize mixed hydrogen combustion technologies that burn natural gas together with hydrogen to generate electricity. Earlier, Hanwha General Chemical acquired Power Systems Mfg (PSM) based in the U.S. and Thomassen Energy based in the Netherlands and secured the original technology that converts LNG gas turbines into hydrogen gas turbines. Hanwha General Chemical plans to move one 80MW (Megawatt) old gas turbine owned by Korea Western Power to Daesan plant to apply the technology and carry out the project for the first time in Korea by the first half of 2023. The company plans to increase the proportion of hydrogen in the facility to 100 percent in the future to convert it into eco-friendly facilities that do not emit carbon dioxide at all. Based on the project, Hanwha General Chemical and Korea Western Power are also pushing to convert all gas turbines (8 units) from LNG to hydrogen. "Hanwha General Chemical will successfully complete this demonstration project through its world's best gas turbine technology and expand it to Korean LNG power plants to make Korea's early achievement in its carbon neutral goal," said Hanwha General Chemical CEO Park Seung-deok.

  • NEWS
    07 2021.05

    Hanwha General Chemical is backing an eco-friendly development project that is applying gene editing technology to develop next-generation seed production.

    Hanwha General Chemical is funding a project to develop eco-friendly seeds that is leveraging advancements in genome editing technologies. In May of 2021, Hanwha General Chemical announced that it had invested in INARI, a project studying seed production and researching CRISPR, a next-generation gene editing technology.